Vulnerable libssh Embedded Into Critical IoT

ZDNet has reported that a security flaw in libssh “leaves thousands of servers at risk of hijacking.” (CVE-2018-10933) This was a well written article.  However, we believe Catalin Cimpanu, the author, understated the actual risk to organizations when he said “most servers, IoT devices, and personal computers [use the non-vulnerable] openssh instead of libssh.” Read more “Vulnerable libssh Embedded Into Critical IoT”

Medical IoT Devices Named Top Security Threat

Last week our content manager, Mindy Affrime, sent me an article about the risks associated with Medical IoT Devices. The article caught my attention because of the author.  It was published by the Cyber Security Engineering Department at the University of San Diego.  The article names four areas they believe “will be particularly vulnerable to cyber attack[s]” in 2017. Read more “Medical IoT Devices Named Top Security Threat”

Dark Reading Interviews Securolytics Co-Founder

Securolytics recently uncovered a new email exploit we named the Split Tunnel SMTP Exploit.  It allows an attacker to bypass email security gateways and inject malicious messages directly into the victim’s email server.  The good news is that Securolytics Email Encryption customers were always protected against this exploit as our integrated cloud platform performs encryption/decryption and malicious payload inspection in a single process.   Read more “Dark Reading Interviews Securolytics Co-Founder”

Leading Age NY Interviews Securolytics CEO

According to the FBI, “ransomware attacks are not only proliferating, they’re becoming more sophisticated.” (www.fbi. gov/news/stories/incidents-of-ransomware-on-the-rise)

That’s especially true for organizations such as hospitals and senior healthcare systems where confidential information governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a prime target. Read more “Leading Age NY Interviews Securolytics CEO”

Zoho Partners with Securolytics

With our technological expertise and heavy use of API, it makes sense that Zoho chose Securolytics to be a strategic partner.  When you go to their website, there we are showcased right next to other major companies like Century 21, etc. We are happy to be partnering with Zoho and helping businesses large and small with their operations, organization and communication. Read more “Zoho Partners with Securolytics”

Dark Reading Quotes Securolytics on IoT Bots

Last week’s massive DDoS’ denial of service attack took down a good portion of the Internet, using webcams and DVRs. To put it mildly, it made a mess on the Internet. Major sites like Spotify and Twitter and PayPal were ground to a halt. Reddit, AirBnB, Etsy and the New York Times were paralyzed. They are estimating that six thousand websites were overwhelmed in a cyber-attack launched with a sea of webcams and DVRs quietly taken over and weaponized for attack. Yes, this is new… but more important it shows how vulnerable the internet has become with IoT devices being so vulnerable. Read more “Dark Reading Quotes Securolytics on IoT Bots”

Securolytics @ CyberLaunch Demo Day

Securolytics was proud to be part of CyberLaunch’s  ‘Demo Day,’ this Thursday at the Atlanta Tech Village. We were thrilled to be a part of such a groundbreaking event.

We were one of the 7 companies chosen to present our company’s products and services.  The Securolytics team consisted of- CEO Sanket Patel and COO, Vikas Singla and our sales team. We showcased our Zero-To-Secure platform as well as our proactive and behavioral security systems. We met with investors and executives from the corporate community as well as  CyberLaunch’s 140+ mentors. We really enjoyed presenting our Internet of Things (IoT) security initiatives as well as our compliance technology. Read more “Securolytics @ CyberLaunch Demo Day”

CyberLaunch Selects Securolytics to Present at Demo Day

CyberLaunch, the leading accelerator for information security and machine learning startups, announced its inaugural ‘Demo Day,’ for Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016.  Accredited investors, entrepreneurs and media will have an opportunity to attend a private viewing of the accelerators’ first seven startups. CyberLaunch’s Summer 2016 class is comprised of seven startups including: Securolytics.  We are thrilled to be a part of the CyberLaunch accelerator and look forward to unveiling our solutions for IoT Security. Read more “CyberLaunch Selects Securolytics to Present at Demo Day”