NXDOMAIN is the return code when a DNS lookup fails to resolve the requested domain to an IP address. This can happen for many reasons. Usually, it is just a user mistyping an address– google.xom. However, if you search your logs for NXDOMAIN, and look at the domains for which DNS lookups failed, you may


There is a new kind of ransomware floating around on the internet and it’s nasty.   The ransomware detected earlier this year dubbed ‘Bart’ has taken a whole new approach to complicating your life.  With previous builds of ransomware, one of the first actions it took was to look for what’s called a key server. 


Many organizations use content filtering software to block inappropriate web sites. However, the threats on today’s Internet have changed. The Internet remains the primary vector used to deliver viruses and malware and it remains the primary vector used for downloading pirated content. According to the American Bar Association, employers may be liable “for allowing or