Dark Reading Interviews Securolytics Co-Founder

Securolytics recently uncovered a new email exploit we named the Split Tunnel SMTP Exploit.  It allows an attacker to bypass email security gateways and inject malicious messages directly into the victim’s email server.  The good news is that Securolytics Email Encryption customers were always protected against this exploit as our integrated cloud platform performs encryption/decryption and malicious payload inspection in a single process.  Unfortunately, many of the encryption solutions in use today are still vulnerable.  Therefore, on May 23, 2017, we published our findings to bring awareness to this issue and to help other security vendors improve their own products and services.


Dark Reading Interviews Securolytics

Securolytics in Dark ReadingJai Vijayan from Dark Reading interviewed Securolytics Co-Founder, Vikas Singla, for his recent article on the Split Tunnel SMTP Exploit.  You can read Jai’s full article on Dark Reading’s website.

Split Tunnel SMTP Exploit Bypasses Email Security Gateways
by Jai Vijayan, Dark Reading


Securolytics Invests in Research & Development

The WannaCry ransomware attack this month wreaked havoc across the Internet.  Rohyt Belani, CEO of PhishMe said it best calling WannaCry “the atom bomb of ransomware.”  And we believe this is just the beginning of what companies can expect in the future.  Cyberattacks are on the rise.  They are becoming more sophisticated and more dangerous.  Securolytics invests heavily in Research & Development to understand new attack vectors and we use this knowledge to strengthen our cybersecurity solutions which help protect organizations from the new threats of tomorrow.  We also share our threat intelligence with the public through community projects like VirusTotal.

To learn more about our solutions please visit securolytics.io/products.

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