Google Discovers 800,000 Breached Websites

Google has just released a report that in 2015 an estimated 800,000 sites were infected with drive-by download malware and other malicious content. The study specifies that 16,500 websites were newly attacked each and every week which adds up to this whopping total of 800,000 compromised sites.

The study focused on website hijacking incidents found by Google Safe Browsing and Search Quality, between July of 2014 and June of 2015.

 Google reported, “Every week, over 10 million users encounter harmful websites that deliver malware and scams. Many of these sites are compromised personal blogs or small business pages that have fallen victim due to a weak password or outdated software. Unfortunately, many webmasters for compromised sites are unaware anything is amiss. Worse yet, even when they learn of an incident, they may lack the security expertise to take action and address the root cause of compromise.”


How many sites get compromised?

 The Number of freshly  compromised sites Google detects every week

The search engine giant is well aware of the challenge this poses for many owners of those websites once they are alerted to the attacks, and are working to assist business owners and webmasters to recover from website breaches.

 Vikas Singla, Securolytics Co-Founder is not surprised at this large number. At Securolytics, we are working every day to counter the ever increasing amount of data breaches and cyber attacks occurring worldwide. With our partners at Cyphort and Cloudmark, we have developed behavioral and proactive security software that stops cyber-attacks before they can do any harm. The best way to counter the ever increasing amount of security attacks on businesses and organizations is to stop them before they enter your system (website, emails, etc). That is what Securolytics software provides.”

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