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Business owners are becoming more and more aware that their companies are losing productivity when employees shop and social network on company time. To counter this- Web Filtering is becoming a necessity no longer a luxury. It allows for increased productivity with advanced, real-time content filtering and the ability to block access to the websites that drain time and money from businesses large and small.

Web Filtering

A Web filter is a program that can screen an incoming Web page to determine whether some or all of it should not be displayed to the user. The filter checks the origin or content of a Web page against a set of rules provided by company or person who has installed the Web filter. A Web filter allows an enterprise or individual user to block out pages from Web sites that are likely to include objectionable advertising, pornographic content, spyware, viruses, and other objectionable content.

The Securolytics Solution

Web Filtering by Securolytics reduces recreational Internet surfing among employees and secure networks from Web-based threats.
Our products provide reporting so that the installer can see what kind of traffic is being filtered and who has requested it. Our solution provides soft blocking (in which a warning page is sent to the user instead of the requested page while still allowing access to the page) and an override capability that allows an administrator to unlock a page.
How Securolytics Web Filtering works-

Firstly you can see who, when and what doing in the office during the day:
From the pic, you can see top user – that probably doing something wrong 🙂

To find it out you could go deeper, and find what exactly doing that person

When you will find out what this user is doing during office time, and decide what actions will you do for this person.


too much social networks? Ok, we could block him from those sites.

After that, we can see statistic of this person, and we will be able to understand is that person understand our message

This simple example illustrates just how massively important web filtering is to businesses today. Contact the experts at Securolytics to learn more. It’s full speed ahead on Web Security at Securolytics.

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