Is Your Network Safe From IoT Cybercrime?

The second in Securolytics IoT Security Blog Series

According to a survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers, almost 70% of connected IoT devices lack fundamental security. According to analyst firm IDC, “the number of IoT devices will grow from approximately 6 billion in this decade to 28 billion in 2020 — a staggering number. The market for wearable smart devices alone is expected to increase at an average rate of 60% per year to $20 billion in 2017.”

You may ask what all of these devices have in common. It’s simple- they all connect to the Internet through applications, and with this connectivity their cybercrime exposure is increased. That is why some are calling IoT devices an IT Security headache on steroids.

Let’s look at the IoT attack that French hosting provider OVH experienced just last month.

Newest Massive Attack

IOT attack affecting hundreds of thousands of users

Last month, the world’s largest distributed denial of service DDoS attack was announced. 152,463 low-powered cameras and internet-of-things devices were compromised by hackers. Two concurrent attacks against French hosting provider OVH clocked in at a combined 990Gbps, larger than any other reported.



Securolytics to the Rescue!

This attack was on a very large scale, and it illuminates the problems we all face. Here are some questions for you and your business. Do you know what devices you have on your network? Are the manufacturers of your devices informing you of what security measures they are taking? Could one or more of the devices on your network be used to attack you or anyone else? And, if compromised, do you know what data on your network can be exfiltrated?

The experts at Securolytics can help you answer these questions. As seen in France, business networks around the world are in jeopardy.  But not to worry! Securolytics has the answer with  We are on the forefront of protecting our clients– large organizations to medium size corporations– from IoT cyber-crime.

With as your partner, we can look at typical IoT behavior and if your device acts outside of the norm, we can correct the issue before it causes damage. We can stop your IoT devices from being compromised and used in the way hackers attacked OVH.

Our cloud-based threat detection and analytics platform is purpose-built to address gaps in perimeter-based defenses by identifying the symptoms of a data breach, malware infection and criminal activity through behavioral analysis and anomaly detection.

Contact us. The time is now! From large enterprises to small businesses, you can be ahead of the curve against IoT cyber-crime. Why wait?

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