The Newest Malware- Beware!

Cyber attackers have gone back to the basics with the release of a new strain of ransomware malware that locks up compromised devices without encrypting files. Now they just lock up your business’ devices and hope you pay. Securolytics partner Cyphort Labs discovered the threat- here is what you need to know.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies identify, monitor and protect data in use or in motion on the network, as well as data at rest in storage or on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. While organisations are more successful at filtering incoming malicious content and deflecting unauthorised entry attempts, they are lagging behind with implementing technical

Inside Securolytics Web Filtering

Business owners are becoming more and more aware that their companies are losing productivity when employees shop and social network on company time. To counter this- Web Filtering is becoming a necessity no longer a luxury. It allows for increased productivity with advanced, real-time content filtering and the ability to block access to the websites


Many organizations use content filtering software to block inappropriate web sites. However, the threats on today’s Internet have changed. The Internet remains the primary vector used to deliver viruses and malware and it remains the primary vector used for downloading pirated content. According to the American Bar Association, employers may be liable “for allowing or

20% Growth with the Cloud

Our latest newsletter illustrates just how powerful the Cloud has become in the global business community. It is no longer a question whether a business should utilize the Cloud, those days are over… Now we are calculating how much money an organization will save. Teknas is in the forefront of building new Cloud solutions and

Inside Securolytics Advanced Threat Defense

Securolytics offers multiple integrated security services.  Recently we extended our portfolio with a new advanced add-on to our Web Security called- Advanced Threat Defense. This service allows us to detect and stop zero-day exploits and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) while users are surfing the Internet through our cloud infrastructure.

An ICAP Primer

The Internet Content Adaptation Protocol was first proposed in 1999, however it’s perhaps one of the lesser known protocols on the Internet. ICAP is defined in RFC 3507 whose basic premise is to provide sideband content filtering/modification of HTTP requests. It would normally be used in conjunction with a web proxy/cache. Its most common use would perhaps be to

Removing ReimagePlus Adware

The Advanced Threat Defense engine in Securolytics Web Security recently detected and blocked downloads of an executable file that we found very interesting.  The blocked file was the installer for a program called ReimagePlus.  We thought it would be useful to provide some analysis of this program to illustrate how Securolytics Web Filtering is able to

Amazon Zero Day Exploit

On October 07, 2015  our platform monitoring systems detected a new wave of spam emails with malicious doc files. The decoy, which purported to be an Amazon invoice, was directly attached to an email targeting small businesses. The originator field was and each email had an attachment with name like amazon_invoice.doc.