Ransomware Targeting US Companies

According to the US Department of Homeland Security, “the infections of ransomware, which encrypts critical data and demands payment for its release, are typically triggered by office workers clicking on malicious emails. This prevalence of ransomware is creating significant implications for the business community, with 4,000 ransomware attacks occurring every day, reportedly earning cyber criminals more than $208m in first three months of 2016 alone.”

Proactive Prevention is the Best Defense

The simple fact is that most office workers are unaware of the ransomware threat. This lack of awareness is exposing businesses to costly disruption to regular operations, temporary or permanent loss of sensitive or proprietary information, financial losses incurred to restore systems and files, and potential harm to an organization’s reputation.

Two Crucial Ransomware Prevention Pointers

Educate Your Personnel

Establish security awareness campaigns that stress the avoidance of clicking on links and attachments in email. Regular, thorough and comprehensive email and malware training is an important ingredient to keeping a business protected.

Employ Proactive Prevention

Prevention is the most effective defense against ransomware.  The technology is there, employ it. Infections are just too devastating to an organization, and recovery may be a difficult process.  

According to Vikas Singla, CIO of Securolytics, an Atlanta IT Security firm, “ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated as well as proliferating. But organizations that employ proactive Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) with a cloud-based threat detection and analytics platform are on the right path to provide the critical preventive measures they need.”


In conclusion

Is your organization’s network effective in blocking ransomware when employees fall for social engineering attacks?” If your answer is no, the experts at Securolytics can help. Securolytics provides an early warning system to help businesses detect and defeat ransomware. We reduce the effort needed to discover threats inside your network. By anonymously comparing traffic fingerprints on a network with our ever-growing database of criminal fingerprints, we can detect ransomware before it strikes.

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