Securolytics Defeats Cryptolocker Ransomware

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With cybercrime on the rise (127% just this year), and the costs incurred rising with it, we are happy to report that Cryptolocker, a lethal ransom ware can now be stopped.  


What is It?

 Cryptolocker is a popular and powerful ransomware that forces businesses and individuals to pay ransom for locked up data. It uses social engineering techniques to trick the user into running it. Specifically, a victim receives an email with a password-protected ZIP file attached that purports to be from a well-known company. The malware starts when the user opens the attached ZIP file, and attempts to open the PDF. As soon as the victim runs it, the malware goes memory resident on the computer.

Now the drama unfolds… out pops a red alert on the victims screen. It comes with a threat: “Pay ransom to an anonymous hacker or all the files will be encrypted — locked up so no one can ever open them again.” Hence the term Ransomware.




Buckminster Fuller

Securolytics and our tech partner Cyphort utilizes a behavioral detection approach which can analyse malware threats with advanced sandboxes which take protection a step further by detecting and detonating malware before it deploys.

The word “sandbox” brings to mind a child’s safe haven… the sandbox.  In today’s tech world the term sandbox refers to a safe environment where security software can evaluate suspicious files, so they don’t wreak havoc on your networks and data.  In this controlled environment, potential threats are unpacked and run to see exactly how the malware behaves, without having access the network or  production systems. If executing files and/or software prove to be malicious, we detonate them in the sandbox so they do not damage your network or confiscate your information. Our advanced sandbox is an exploit-focused sandbox that delivers evasion-resistant protection 100% of the time.

Proactive and Behavioral Technology wins the day!

 The security experts at Securolytics understand it has become too expensive and damaging to businesses large and small to allow ransomware to rule the day! With our Cyphort solution, there is no need for our clients to lose time, energy and resources… no reason to always be on the defensive against cyber criminals.

The bottom line is that it is time for organisations to adapt and prevent cyber attacks like Cryptolocker… We have the technology! Now it is time to be proactive and detonate!

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