Securolytics Eliminates Mindspark Adware

Securolytics Web Security detects attempted communication by the Mindspark family of adware and toolbars.  We thought it would be useful to provide a description of how these programs work to illustrate how Securolytics Web Security protects our customers from having potentially problematic programs introduced into their systems.

What is Mindspark

Mindspark is a marketing company that generates advertising through hundreds of various browser toolbars and unwanted adware programs using its Mindspark Interactive Network.

How does it work?

These programs are promoted by advertisements on web pages that are displayed as boxes containing available coupons, underlined keywords, pop-ups or advertising banners.  The ads invite the user to install web browser toolbars or freeware such as system optimization utilities, security software or other products which install the adware or toolbar in addition to the core software.  The toolbars are often branded as the Ask toolbar.  Once installed the Mindspark powered toolbar or adware program sends information back to the software publisher who then collects a fee for every time the toolbar or program is used. These programs are known to impact system or browser performance and often send user tracking information to the publisher of the software.

Sample Mindspark Installs



Sample Mindspark toolbars




 Securolytics Web Security Protects Customers from Unwanted Program Communication

The ability of Securolytics Web Security to prevent communication by “Potentially Unwanted Programs” such as the Mindspark family of adware provides an additional later of defense so your systems remain protected.  You will also be alerted when these communication attempts are detected so you can remove them from the systems where they are installed.


Allan Bartlett | CISSP | Senior Security Engineer | Securolytics
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