Securolytics Web Security Detects VoluumTrk Mobile Adware

Securolytics Web Security detects attempted communication by VoluumTrk Mobile Adware. We thought it would be useful to provide a description of how this programs works to illustrate how Securolytics Web Security protects our customers from having potentially problematic programs introduced into their systems.


What is VoluumTrk Mobile Adware

VoluumTrk is an adware program that can be installed as program bundled in free software downloaded from the internet, Torrent downloads or e-mail attachments. It is most commonly known to infect mobile devices.

How does it work?

VoluumTrk Adware will modify system registries and hijack the web browser by installing extensions or Add-ons. Once installed it will begin generating multiple popup ads for web browser toolbars, optimization utilities and fake security programs all for the purpose of generating pay-per-click revenue. The pops-ups ads will continue until VoluumTrk is removed.




Securolytics Web Security Detects Communication from VoluumTrk Mobile Adware

The ability of Securolytics Web Security to identify and block web transactions from VoluumTrk adware allows us to protect customers and notify them when these communication attempts are detected so it can be removed from the systems where it is installed.

Allan Bartlett | CISSP | Senior Security Engineer | Securolytics

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