NY Hospital Hacked- 7,000 Patient Records Stolen

The latest on the Bronx Lebanon Hospital cyberattack.  (Source: NBC News)  Medical records of at least 7,000 patients were compromised in a data breach involving Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center in New York. This hack disclosed patients’ mental health and medical diagnoses, HIV statuses and sexual assault and domestic violence reports, according to records reviewed by NBC News.  Other information in the compromised records, which online security experts said spanned 2014 to 2017, Read more “NY Hospital Hacked- 7,000 Patient Records Stolen”

Healthcare Records Sold on Dark Web

A clinic in Baltimore is just one example of a healthcare provider having its records stolen, only to find them for sale on the Dark Web for less than $0.01 per record.  Last August a Baltimore substance abuse treatment facility had its database hacked. Patient records subsequently found their way onto the Dark Web, according to DataBreaches.net.  The group noticed such things as dates of admission, whether the patients are on methadone, their doctors and counselors, and dosing information. Read more “Healthcare Records Sold on Dark Web”

Yahoo sends out new warning on the third data breach!

The team at Securolytics wants our clients and partners to be informed. Here is the newest report from Yahoo about a breach that affected 500 million Yahoo accounts.

Yahoo‘s newly issued warning to users about malicious hacks is related to a third data breach that the company disclosed in December 2016. Read more “Yahoo sends out new warning on the third data breach!”